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 Mephisto's excellence , Goodyears shoes

good years

Commonly known as welted sewn, the Goodyears sewn is the oldest and most noble way to make a pair of shoes
. Used especially for high quality men's shoes : each shoe is a unique model, made by hand, wich is based on the use of a welt (soft leather band, attached around a shoe and used to make the connection between the different parts of the shoe).

This seam strengthens the strength of the shoe, while maintaining its flexibility. This technique allows you to re-pair your Goodyear shoes, thus increasing the longevity of your favorite pair of Mephisto shoes. In this section, find all our models Mephisto Goodyears for men : lace-up shoes, derbies, and boots from size 38.5 to 50.

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Mostrando 1 - 24 de 37 items