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MEPHISTO shoes are above all comfortable products, made of high quality leather. This French brand has created several ranges, the city shoe has the comfort shoe. Most models have removable insoles. The outsole is usually rubber.

These unique, hand-crafted models combine modern design with optimal fit. Our shoes adapt to the feet and not the reverse. The quality of MEPHISTO shoes is recognized throughout the world. Only the most noble materials are selected and then worked to make exceptional shoes. The know-how and the different construction techniques guarantee a quality and a perfect fit. 


Exceptional shoes in Bordeaux

Your footwear Dejean, shoe specialist for more than 50 years, wants to bring you French excellence with its comfortable shoes for sensitive feet. Handcrafted know-how, beautiful materials, all accompanied by the attention to detail with impeccable finishes. Mephisto Dejean bet on always finding the best choice and the best tendencies approaching the customers' wishes as much as possible.


Mephisto Bordeaux is the insurance to find shoes at your feet:

  • A team of professionals at your service,
  • Personalized support,
  • A wide selection and exclusive Mephisto models.

The ranges by Mephisto

Chaussures mobils

Mobils offers you, besides the equipment and the comfort, a perfect footwear and an incomparable quality not limited to the chosen raw materials.



The brand All Rounder was created for all people who love freedom and live an active everyday life. The perfect combination of dynamism, style and functionality.


Chaussures SANO

Sano shoes can be worn all day, for a smooth, natural and healthy walking experience from the first steps.


Chaussures Eco responsable

Eco-responsible, the shoes of the range Nature is future: 100% natural, made of leather and a vegetable tanning.


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