It is very important to properly maintain your shoes in order to maximize their lifespan.

All leather requires at one time or another an important maintenance.

For nubuck leather:


At first it is imperative to brush the nubuck with a crepe brush.

Do not forget to waterproof with a spray or colorless if the nubuck is colored in a rare color or with a color spray depending on the color of the product.

The application of the spray will not only have a waterproofing function but will also protect the various soils.

In addition there is a colorless or colored nubuck maintenance that will clean and protect your shoe.

Ideally, the shoe should be brushed every week and spray applied every two weeks.

Finally, in the event of accidents and excessive soiling of nubuck leather, it must be cleaned with a special nubuck shampoo.

For smooth and grained leather:

Smooth leather is probably the leather that requires the least maintenance.

Indeed it is for sure with leather grained the most robust leather.

It will suffice to wax it with a colorless polish if the product is light colored or then with a khaki, brown, dark brown, blue, cherry and black polish.

Finally, you can also apply a colorless protective spray on your pair.


For greasy leather:

Fatty leather is a leather that has been heavily enriched in fat (oil or grease) during manufacture, making it very resistant.

However it is important to "redouble" it from time to time as it will tend to quickly try.

In order to remedy this it is necessary to apply a special waxing greasy leather.

Finally, you can also apply a colorless protective spray on your pair.

Thereafter the leather will be protected and will look like new.

For leather combinations:


It is quite difficult to find the perfect maintenance to protect a pair of shoes made up of several different leathers.

The maintenance that will be perfect for all different leathers will be the colorless protective spray.

You can also brush the nubuck part with a crepe brush.

For patent leather and metallic leather:

These two leathers are treated in the same way, that is to say with the aid of a metallic spray.

This spray will have a function of revivor and protector.

For the curious:

There is the ultimate in maintenance: a maintenance kit with a leather zippered pocket, multiple polishes and several brushes essential for the best care of your shoes

In order to maintain the initial shape of your shoes during periods when you do not wear them (a winter pair during the summer) it is important to incorporate a wooden shoe tree that will also absorb the moisture present in the shoe.

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